WaCoCo promotes the social and economic wellbeing of the people Waterloo by supporting the sustainability and effectiveness of local community and voluntary organisations through drawing in funding, encouraging local partnerships and networks, and increasing their voice on local issues.

What is WaCoCo


To strengthen the Voluntary and Community Sector for the benefit of local communities by:

  • Encouraging, supporting and developing partnerships and networks
  • Sharing existing resources
  • Seeking additional resources in partnerships
  • Maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery


To sustain the momentum that WCRT has stimulated WaCoCo will:

  • Support and develop community based partnerships networks and effective communications systems to enable the voluntary and community sector to effectively bid for funds to deliver services with local communities.
  • Support existing and develop new networks and partnerships; to share and develop existing skills and resources to maximise the benefit to local communities.
  • Ensure that support is given to develop the aspirations of existing and emerging community organisations prioritising support for those communities most marginalised.


"To promote the social and economic well being of the people of the area of benefit by encouraging, supporting and developing partnerships and networks of community and voluntary organisations.

"To assist the efficiency and effectiveness of these organisations (through support such as capacity building; fundraising support, outreach support and otherwise) to improve their performance, accountability and extent to which they engage with and benefit the whole community."