WaCoCo promotes the social and economic wellbeing of the people Waterloo by supporting the sustainability and effectiveness of local community and voluntary organisations through drawing in funding, encouraging local partnerships and networks, and increasing their voice on local issues.

Walcot Foundation Grants for Organisations (2017/18)

The Walcot Foundation exists exclusively for the benefit of Lambeth individuals from low-income households.  Its grants to organisations and schools are solely a means of reaching those individuals.

Further details of whether it might be worthwhile for any particular organisation or initiative to apply are available at www.walcotfoundation.org.uk

Grant value: 
Up to £25,000 for up to three years
6 March 2018, notionally. Note that applications are considered from 13 November 2017 onwards, and the deadline may be brought forward once it is considered that there have been enough high quality applications
How to apply: 

Online application form at www.walcotfoundation.org.uk