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Lambeth Wellbeing Fund 2018

Through the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund local individual residents and small organisations can apply for up to £5,000 for a community or health and wellbeing project that they design.  These small grants are about recognizing the skills, knowledge and abilities of local people, and supporting them to create their own solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of people in their communities.

This Fund has three themes and eligible projects must address at least one of them.  These are that people should be able to...

1.   Manage their own health and wellbeing (or condition) and be supported to do so.  This also includes having access to the right information and support, and being able to stay healthy;

2.   Have the right things in place to help them avoid a crisis, or to at least limit the impact of a crisis, particularly for people who are living independently;

3.   Feel that they are part of a community.

The Award decision-makers are also particularly interested in projects reaching the most isolated and lonely people in the community, as well as projects that help people to connect with others and address what is known as the Wheel of Wellbeing.

Individual Lambeth residents or groups of residents can apply for this grant.  Organisations with an income of less than £100,000 per annum can apply too. 

Examples of past projects designed by individual residents and funded through the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund include:

​​- A community café which brings together local people from all ages and backgrounds to cook and eat healthy vegetarian food together
- A sewing and craft club for older residents to get together and learn new skills
- An open-air, drop-in Tai Chi class
- An art project with weekly art sessions and trips to art galleries for older people living in supported housing
- A creative writing and oral histories project
- Yoga classes for women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse
- A gardening project which created a community growing space within a supported housing unit
- A dance project for older residents of the Lansdowne estate, to build core strength and balance in order to reduce falls
- Zumba for older people.

The award-makers will be hosting Community Development Workshops in September to help would-be applicants think through their ideas. 

The Lambeth Wellbeing Fund is all about supporting local residents to deliver projects that create connected communities and improve health and wellbeing locally.  These are projects that are designed at a grassroots level as a response to perceived local community needs.  The award-makers state that they are interested in solutions from the ground up, that build on Lambeth residents' skills and knowledge, and respond to needs and opportunities that residents see locally. 



Contact information:

Dave Goslyn
Project Smith Programme Manager, Lambeth CCG

07540 095696


Deborah Brodie

Senior Programme Manager, The London Community Foundation

020 7582 5117 



Dave Goslyn


Project Smith Programme Manager


07540 095 696


Grant value: 
Up to £5,000
How to apply: 

Contact either Dave Goslyn, Project Smith Programme Manager, Lambeth CCG on 07540 095696 and dave.goslyn@nhs.net, or Deborah Brodie, Senior Programme Manager, The London Community Foundation on 020 7582 5117 and deborah.brodie@londoncf.org.uk