Do jon snow and ygritte dating in real life

Apr 4, 2016 ... Fans will recall that Ygritte tragically died in Jon Snow's arms after being ... each other in real life, but both actors denied the relationship—until now. ... two started dating while filming their beyond the Wall scenes in Iceland.
May 14, 2016 ... The actor, who plays Jon Snow on the HBO series, and Leslie, who played his character's love interest Ygritte, have been dating on and off since 2012. ... "He said, look, there's two ways we can do this: You can either follow ... tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones,'" Harington said.
May 20, 2016 ... 8 Pairs of Game of Thrones Stars That Gave Love a Try in Real Life ... The only “ good” ones (i.e. Robb + Talisa, Jon + Ygritte) are over because, you ... After Hollywood's worst-kept secret — the fact that Jon Snow's actually alive! ... never even had a scene together on screen!), they do admit to "going out.".
Apr 4, 2016 ... And while the status of his Game of Thrones character Jon Snow is still ... off- again dating, the real-life Ygritte and Jon Snow made their debut ... Ygritte who I' ve met who is just the loveliest girl and she could do so much better.
Apr 4, 2016 ... ... Game of Thrones fans as Jon Snow and Ygritte—are dating in real life. ... Ygritte who I've met who is just the loveliest girl and she could do so ...
May 14, 2016 ... The actor who plays Jon Snow in the hit HBO series played opposite Rose's Wildling character Ygritte before she was killed off. ... love with his Game of Thrones co-star and real-life girlfriend Rose Leslie. ... "This policeman comes up and pulls me over… and he said, 'Look, there is two ways we can do this.
Apr 4, 2016 ... Jon Snow Ygritte dating, Is Kit Harington single, Kit Harington girlfriend, ... Which, we hope, she whips out whenever possible in real life. GIF.
Aug 24, 2012 ... Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones have taken their on-screen romance to real life! Details on Kit Harington's date with Rose Leslie!
Aug 2, 2014 ... "Game of Thrones" characters Jon Snow and Ygritte have reunited off-screen. ... of Thrones,” but stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are back on in real life. ... “ Game of Thrones” will return to HBO for Season 5 in April 2015.
Apparently yes. However, they are reported to have broken up, got back together, and then ... and Rose Leslie (Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game Of Thrones) were dating in real life? ... There is a rumour going around that he is secretly dating Emilia Clarke, but they ... Did Kit Harington read any of Jon Snow's chapters?
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