WaCoCo promotes the social and economic wellbeing of the people Waterloo by supporting the sustainability and effectiveness of local community and voluntary organisations through drawing in funding, encouraging local partnerships and networks, and increasing their voice on local issues.

Document Title General Documents WaCoCo Minutes
Networking Meeting Notes - 6 September 2017 PDF icon notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_6_sept_2017.pdf
AGM + Networking Meeting notes - 7 June 2017 File wacoco_agm_wed_7_june_2017.docx
Networking Meeting Notes - 3 May 2017 PDF icon wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_3_may_2017.pdf
5 April 2017 - WaCoCo Networking Meeting Notes PDF icon wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_5_april_2017.pdf
1 March 2017 - Networking Meeting notes PDF icon wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_1_march_2017.pdf
1 February 2017 meeting notes PDF icon wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_1_february_2017.pdf
WaCoCo Networking Meeting Notes - 7 December 2016 File wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_7_december_2016.docx
2 November 2016 - Networking Meeting Notes File wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_2_nov_2016.docx
5 October 2016 - Networking Meeting Notes File wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_5_oct_2016.docx
Meeting-7 September 2016 PDF icon minutes_of_wacoco_networking_meeting_-_wed_7_september_2016.pdf
Notes of WaCoCo Networking Meeting of Wed 2 December 2015 PDF icon minutes_of_wacoco_networking_meeting_-_wed_2_dec_2015.pdf
Notes of WaCoCo Networking Meeting of Wed 4 November 2015 PDF icon minutes_of_wacoco_networking_meeting_-_wed_4_nov_2015.pdf
Notes of WaCoCo Networking Meeting of Wed 2 September 2015 PDF icon minutes_of_wacoco_networking_meeting_-_wed_2_sept_2015.pdf
Notes of WaCoCo AGM and Networking Meeting of Wed 3 June 2015 File notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_and_agm_3_june_2015.docx
Minutes of Networking Meeting of Wed 1 April 2015 File notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_1_april_2015.docx
4 March 2015 - Networking Meeting Notes PDF icon notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_notes_4_march_2015.pdf
4 February 2015 - Networking Meeting Notes PDF icon notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_4_february_2015_.pdf
WaCoCo Networking Meeting PDF icon notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_3_december_2014.pdf
November 2014 WaCoCo meeting notes PDF icon notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_november_2014.pdf
Meeting-1 October 2014 PDF icon notes_wacoco_networking_meeting_oct_2014.pdf